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Not Having a Website is KILLING YOUR BUSINESS

You lose out on business everyday by not having a website online. 

When people are looking for products or services in the Quad Cities, the first place they likely turn to is the internet.

If you aren’t there you can’t be found.

If your business isn’t online:


Potential customers can't find you


You are depriving the great people of the Quad Cities your expertise


You are leaving money on the table


Your reputation takes a hit for not being “established”


People question the authenticity of your business

Your Competition gets your client because THEY are online!


The best way to establish legitimacy in today’s online culture is to get a website to establish a presence online and show the Quad Cities that you are here to do business!

How Can We Help?


Get your business online in a huge way, at a once-in-a-lifetime price!


Rehash Media, LLC is offering you the chance to get online and show Quad Cities citizens that you are here to help them solve their problems.


Get a 5-Page site up on the web and get a strategy in place to help draw customers to your product or service. It’s time to pick that money up off the table and put it back where it belongs.


Outshine your competition with an optimized website, a strategy to help draw customers in, and a pro in your corner to not only build your website, but also look for new ways to expand your reach through the Quad Cities.


The people of the Quad Cities deserve to know about your product or service. Let’s show them what they have been missing!

How Does Working With Us Work?



Place Your Order

Click Here to Order Your Website!

You will then be taken to a secure payment gateway to pay for your services.

*Additional services for website hosting and maintenance will be offered, but are not required for a website build.




Fill out the form on the thank you page.

You will get a confirmation email that payment was received. 

You will also get our contact information within that email so you can reach out with any immediate questions.



Gathering the Info

We will contact you to schedule an informational call. 

On this call we will get the information that you would like on your website, talk strategy, pick a great domain name, and guide you in the creation of your message.

*You know your product best, so it’s usually best for business owners to write their own website content. We will help out every step of the way to guide you!



Completing Your Website Build

Once we have all the goods, we will build your website!

The design can be based off of the design of other sites you like, or you can give us creative freedom, and we will rock out a fresh design that is sure to please your Quad Cities market.



Proofing the Site

Once the site is built, you will get a proof to look over and suggest changes to.

After a few rounds of revisions (up to 3), the site will be ready to go live!



Go Live!

We will set your site live to the Quad Cities (and the world).

This can either be on your own GoDaddy account (you pay GoDaddy for hosting), or on our servers (*additional services mentioned in step 1).

We will also make sure your site is submitted to Google and Bing and that you have analytics running so you can monitor website traffic to your site.



Hosting and Maintenance (Optional; Highly Recommended)

We always recommend hosting and maintenance with us!

We are excellent at what we do, and your site will be in very caring hands.

We will also act as council for your ongoing business strategy, and provide an hour of website content changes per month, as well as keep the backend of your website up-to-date and running smooth! Can’t beat that for our pricing! 

Clients LOVE Working With Us!

What stands out most with respect to my very positive experience with Rehash Media, is their dedication to timely customer service.

They are able to provide their customers with personalized attention and have a genuine concern for the success of your company.

You may be tempted to try a do-it-yourself solution, but I would highly suggest not going that route.

If your goal is to maximize your company’s efficiency and profit margins, then hiring Rehash will be a great step towards that goal.

Their services will pay for themselves, so cost should not be a concern… go for it!

Chad Bishop

Muscatine Film Festival, Dreampost Media

Ready To Get Your Business Online?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I paying up front?

A few reasons.

We want to work with businesses that are committed and ready to go to improve their business, get their website up and running, and reach people in the Quad Cities. Payment up front means that you are committed to your business and ready to take this next step.

Also, a lot of time in business is wasted with chit chat and prospects flaking out on wanting work done. By getting payment up front, we don’t have to waste precious hours talking to businesses who aren’t willing to grow their business, and can spend more time with businesses who are ready to commit and let us help them reach the next level.

We are all about efficiency and cutting out waste.

Is there a guarantee?

While we like commitment to furthering your business, if we hop on a call and either of us decide working together won’t be a good fit, we will refund your money in full. We like commitment and not wasting time, but let’s face it, we’re not monsters.

Once a plan is decided and work begins, we regret that a refund cannot be issued.

What’s up with the low price tag?

$500 seem low?

We feel you.

We know it’s low, but we also know that we can help your business grow.

With a low price tag we can get people in the door without being afraid to make the commitment. We can help more businesses, and spread our influence throughout the community.

Don’t worry. If the low price bothers you, you can come back and pay more when we raise the price for our second round of businesses after the 7 slots on this offer are filled up.

Why are you only taking 7 clients?

As mentioned in the pricing FAQ above, this is a pretty low price, and as such we are looking to spread our knowledge and influence throughout the Quad Cities community and help some local businesses really get their online presence kick-started. We will only offer 7 slots at this price, and once these projects are fulfilled, we will open the offer again at a higher price.

Also, we want to make sure the 7 people we work with get WAY more than their money’s worth, and as such we need time to be able to build out their projects and give them our full attention to help them grow, we have limited spots available per round of fulfillment.

Want this close-knit guidance? Sign up today!

What kind of website can I get?

For this pricetag we are doing either a standard 5-page website (pages, images, video, smaller amounts of content, focused on creating awareness of your brand).

We can add on pages for additional cost, but we can discuss this on a call to see if extra pages are necessary.

We can also build you (our personal favorite) a simple sales system that will help sell your product for you.

Not sure what this is? Check out the diagram below.

3 sales pages and  up to 3 thank you pages. Can be used to sell products with upsells and downsells, or even sell and book clients for appointments.

* System is currently INCLUDED as an option in $500 pricing offer. This service will be an upcharge after this offer expires.

Sales Funnel System Example

What If I already have a website?

Is it getting you clients?

If so, then great! We can always make improvements and work on marketing for you.

If your site is outdated and not driving you business, then we should definitely talk. 

We can repurpose your existing content, or go in an entirely different direction with your new site.

If hosting with us we would rebuild your existing site in our theme on our servers, or build a completely new site or system for you.

Keep in mind that we only work in WordPress

Can I have products for sale on my site?

Ecommerce (having products for sale on your site) takes time to set up, therefore there is an extra charge for this.

You can stack this on top of the current offer for a $100 setup charge and then $10 per product setup charge.

Products also take time to setup, and we like to make sure that each is SEO optimized for a better chance of being found in search.

Wait, I have to write my own content?!

I am a web developer who is a wiz at marketing.

I am not a lawyer. 

I don’t know the first thing about makeup.

I don’t go around the Quad Cities putting on juggling parties for kids (though that would be cool if I also did that, right?).

My point is, that you are the expert in what you do. You know your industry terms and how to describe your product better than I ever will.

That being said, what I can do is provide guidance into how to make the copy optimized for search engines and to reach your target audience.

Content is a team effort. Planned by both of us. Written by you. Optimized by me.

What is a domain name?

Think of a domain name like your street address.

Where does your website live?

Domains are one-of-a-kind, user-friendly locations of where people can access your website (think Facebook.com, think MuscatineFilmFest.com [yeah, I build that one]).

Domains are also your brand.

If you spend time building SEO and a following on a domain, you will never want to lose that domain. 

See the next FAQ about buying your domain for more info on why we suggest you hold onto your domain name yourself.

Do I have to buy my own domain name?

We will gladly buy and maintain your domain for you out of the fee you are paying for yearly hosting with us (as long as the domain isn’t premium [max $15/yr]). 

If you are just having us build your site and you will be hosting it, you will need to purchase your own domain (don’t worry, we will set you up on GoDaddy and send you everything you need to purchase it).

My recommendation, though, is  that you always buy and retain control of your domain.


Because your domain is your brand. It’s your site. It’s your whole online business that you have built up. If something happens and you lose control of it, that domain is harder (and usually a lot more expensive) to get back.

My suggestion? Buy that sucker, set it on auto-renew, and as long as your payment info is current, you don’t have to worry about risking your brand.

What is hosting?

If a domain is your address, then hosting is your house.

Your website has to live somewhere (I would prefer it live with us; we are good at what we do :D).

This house is made up of all the code, files, images, etc. that make up your website.

Just like you have to pay taxes to have your house on your land, you also have to pay a company to host your website.

See FAQ below to see whether you want to host the site yourself, or let us take the burden of hosting and maintenance off you so you can run your business.

Should I host my own website?

If you have us build your website, but want to host it yourself, then we will easily set you up on GoDaddy, have GoDaddy send you a bill for the domain and cost for a year of hosting, and send you on your way. You will then be paying GoDaddy yearly for your website, and you will also be doing all the updates and maintenance on the site.

What I always recommend is host with us.

Our price is higher than GoDaddy’s price, but we will keep your site up-to-date, monitor for issues, make sure things are running smoothly, and do 1 hour worth of content updates per month. Just shoot us an email and we will update whatever content you need updated on the site. Additional hours of work per month can also be purchased.

Not only do you not have to worry about your site, but you get on-going guidance in marketing your business and making your site a better resource for the people of the Quad Cities.

I love business. I love coming up with new ways to get business, whether it’s my own business or someone else’s. If you host with us, I have a vested interest in your success, because if you aren’t succeeding in business, you sure as hell won’t be keeping services with us.

Plus, it’s always fun to strategize and make a plan come to life.

I have resources. I have tools. I have knowledge. Let’s build something beautiful together!

Do I own my domain and website if you host for me?

The bottom line is you own everything no matter what.

If we build a site and stick it on your GoDaddy account, you own that.

If we build a site and you pay us for hosting, we will keep and maintain everything for you, but in the end, you still own it.

You can request to get your files and move away from our services at any point (although our refund policy varies, see that FAQ below).

We won’t hold anything hostage. That’s not good business, and it’s just plain mean.

There should be no stress for you in keeping or cancelling services. No one needs that stress in their lives, especially someone with a business to run!

How long will the website build take?

That depends on a lot of things.

A plan needs to be made. Content needs to be written. Images need to be taken (or stock images chosen; in which case we can build without images from you). Domains need to be purchased or secured.

We like to have first proof to you within 2 weeks after we get everything we need from you. If we are planning and building a sales system, or there are additional pages or ecommerce being added, this timeline can grow.

The time it takes to go live also depends a lot on you. If you take awhile to get me your 3 rounds of changes to the site (you only get 3, but don’t have to use them all) then going live depends on you.

If there is a specific date you need to hit to get the site live sooner than 2 weeks, we will do our best to accommodate, but there needs to be good reason to expedite, and an additional expedite charge may be required for very fast turnarounds.

Will my business be on page 1 of Google?

Anyone who promises you page 1 on Google is a liar.

Search ranking is such an organic, living being, dependant on your content, the keywords within that content, the reputation of your site, how many external sites are linking to your site, how other people’s site’s rank against yours and the keywords you are using… you get the point.

All that being said, we are not new to getting sites on page 1 of Google for targeted keywords. 

Try typing in “Qeepsake Review” into Google and you will see my wife’s blog posts (mommybear.org) a few times on the first page. 

Type in “Funnelytics Review” and you will see my affiliate marketing website (rehashyoursite.com) within the first several results).

Now try “wedding videographer checklist” and my wedding blog (rehashweddings.com; I used to be a wedding videographer and big into wedding stuff) ranking in the top few results.

My point is that I know what it takes to rank on page 1, but there are a lot of external factors at play, and Google is always changing their ranking algorithm. 

We will discuss ranking strategies during the build of your website, and if you host with us, we will discuss ongoing ways to boost rank over time (and ranking DOES TAKE TIME).

What’s your refund policy?

If you submit a payment and we get on a call and decide that working together isn’t the best fit, we will refund your initial build fee.

If we begin work on your build, we can no longer issue a refund.

As for hosting, if you opt-in for our awesome $1,000 for a year of hosting and maintenance deal, the following chart shows how much you can get back based on what month you decide to cancel within your year.

1   |  $850

2   |  $700

3   |  $550

4   |  $400

5   |  $250

6   |  $100

7   |  $0

8   |  $0 

9   |  $0

10 | $0

11 | $0

12 | $0

Basically, you will be refunded at a lessening rate each month by $150, until no refund will be available. This is to make sure we are being compensated for our time.

If you are on our $150/month hosting and maintenance plan, you can also cancel at anytime, but no refund will be given for that month.

Who exactly are you again?

Glad you asked!

See section below!

About Me

Want to know more about me?

I would too if I was paying someone to handle my business without meeting them first.

My name is Justin Coleman, and I have a passion for business.

I received my Bachelor of Arts Degree in 2013, which helped spark my interest in business and the internet.

I had the creative aspect down, but didn’t know how to get people to find the message I was trying to put out there into the world.

For this reason I pursued my MBA with a focus in Entrepreneurship, which put me in a good business mindset, but something was still missing.

In 2016, before the birth of my daughter, I was trying to start a crowdfunding website, and began to explore the concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and being found online.

This began my intense study of SEO and all things online business.


Justin Coleman

Justin Coleman

Business Development Specialist

Since then I have worked hard to continually study and grow in these fields. This has led to the study of implementing ecommerce, sales, marketing funnels, in-depth SEO tactics, online advertising, and more.

Now it is time that I start using my knowledge to help more businesses around the Quad Cities reach their business goals and grow their business not only for the sake of themselves, but to help those within our community.

I Look Forward to Working With You!